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lunedì 9 febbraio 2015

Marc Rolfsmeier - Kross Urban - 5 months allround test!

As I own some LizardKross Leather shoes for more than 2 years now and was highly satisfied, I was excited to try the new "brother" in the Kross Family.

When they arrived in late August, I made sure to put them through the all challenges my daily life in the Black Forest has to offer: Cycling 10+ km to work (every day - every weather), hiking in the mountains on a regular basis, exploring the city life of Freiburg and my everyday martial arts training outside in the woods.
After 5 months, with all the weather changes and different terrains and surfaces I was glad to take my time for a review. At first I was sceptic if they could live up to my expectations, based on the experiences I made with the Kross Leather.
The sole seemed to be less flexible than the one on the Kross Leather and the weight, when standing in them, was shifted more to the front part of my foot - two very important things for my choice of a shoe.


In those 5 months I used the Kross Urban daily on every kind of terrain: from the streets of the city, to the hiking paths nearby, from the Danish beaches in winter time to the snowy mountains in the heart of the Black Forest.

Dry and warm to wet, muddy and even iced surfaces - the Urban's went where I went.

Now, 5 months after unpacking them, I still use them on a daily basis. Why? Because they fit in every situation I undergo throughout my days. I have yet to find me in a situation where the Kross Urban wouldn't be my first choice.

Using them as often as possible made me get used to the sole, which is now as comfortable for me as the Kross Leather (+ the new sole is more durable). The feeling of standing to far on the front part of my foot disapeared, the "barefoot" feeling settled in!

Even more interesting than my own opinion: With no other shoe I got that many people asking questions about them. People liked the look, the way you could just slip in without using the laces and the fact, that I used them on any terrain. Speaks for you, Lizard!


As the pictures say more than I ever could: Enjoy!

Thanks to Lizard for letting me take part in the testing programm and, more important, for giving my feet the chance to conquer the surrounding terrain!

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